What I have achieved with Angel therapy.

“Where does my anxiety come from?
Why do I always want to keep going?
What’s the reason I can’t stop drinking after two glasses of wine?
I would really like my new relationship to succeed.
Why does this keep happening to me?
Living from your heart, how do you do that? And does that even exist?”

Just a selection of my thoughts before I came into contact with Angel Therapy. My mind was never quiet… Until I heard a group of people talking enthusiastically about Angel Therapy in Marbella. I was particularly triggered by their positive experiences.

I was actually done with spirituality at that point, because I had already tried so much. At the same time I was also curious.

Long story short, I had several Angel Therapy sessions afterwards. I started to feel better and better, much closer to myself. That’s why I decided to take the training myself to get in touch with my higher self and get answers to all my questions.
And to convey this to others.

With Angel Therapy we slowly crumble the wall that we have built around us. Just like with an onion, we come back to the core layer by layer. Your core.

Are you also curious or do you just want to know more about it? You can call, app or email me. I’ll be happy to explain it to you.

Because my experience is: there is more between heaven and earth.

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