Mama & Baby / Toddler Yoga

Mama & baby or toddler yoga is intended for mothers and babies from 8 weeks.  We are all very busy with our work and family so spending an hour alone with your baby or toddler is great.

We help you recover from childbirth or Caesarean section.  If necessary, you will return to a healthy weight faster.
Your abdominal area and pelvic mumps muscles are trained.  We will slowly rebuild strength and improve fitness.  Improves your self-esteem, your mood and energy level.

The meditations make you calmer and clear of mind so that you can be optimally yourself again.  Your baby / toddler will also become calm, don’t worry.

Private mom & baby yoga class lasts 75 minutes for € 80 but you might like to share the class with more moms and baby’s.

Besides the private lessons Mom & Baby yoga workshops and courses are also given. This information is indicated well in time on our website, facebook and instagram.

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